As a full service General Contractor, Freese Johnson provides support to clients through a broad range of service delivery methods. We provide pre-construction, general contracting, construction management, and design/build services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Regardless of the type of contract, we strive to create a Team Environment for all parties involved and essentially become an extension of our client’s organization.


We believe the Pre-Construction process is a vital tool to ensure the project proceeds as scheduled and the cost objectives are achieved. Our services include Cost Estimating, Scheduling, Site Analysis, Value Engineering, Constructability Reviews, and Procurement Planning. We have the ability to provide pricing information at all stages of design based on our extensive historical data. Our approach to presenting cost information is to be as detailed as possible.


The Design-Build delivery method has become an increasingly preferred way to deliver fast track projects with great success. Our owner’s can achieve the maximum benefit by combining professional designers and highly skilled construction services all on one focused Team. With construction, engineering, and architecture working in partnership, the design/build approach can yield significant cost and time savings for the project.

General Construction

The Freese Johnson approach to general contracting creates a true Partnership that extends to our clients, designers, consultants, and subcontractors as well. The owner’s best interests are served when we are hired early in the process as a General Contractor. We are typically hired based on our experience, reputation, and qualifications. We remain completely accountable to the owner, putting their interest first and eliminating any incentives to increase profit at the expense of the project.

Construction Management

Construction Management (CM) includes a comprehensive menu of services that span the design and construction phases of the project. The services under CM should be appropriate for the project’s size, complexity, type, and tailored for the specific needs of the owner. As the CM, Freese Johnson does not design or construct the project, but implements a management approach to allow the functions necessary to have the project designed and built to meet the budgetary and schedule parameters set forth by the owner.


Freese Johnson works to establish sustainable design and green building practices in our projects, whether we are the Design-Builder, Construction Manager or the General Contractor. We work with our owners to establish areas of the project where it is feasible to utilize environmentally responsible design, material purchasing, and sustainable operations.